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The best lunch solution for offices
Lunch, catering, midnight snack

Unlike many other meal services, CLOUDMEAL has the great benefit of offering a vast variety of different cuisines to choose from every day. CLOUDMEAL.IO is fully automated and doesn’t require any administration from us with invoices or orders, as it is all taken care of by the system. Hence minimal administrative effort from our side.
For us it is important to keep our employees happy, and CLOUDMEAL helps us doing that.

Easy. Affordable. Convenient. Flexible. Quick.
CLOUDMEAL is a completely new form of food ordering for offices. Connecting your company with a vast variety of restaurants, it enables your employees to easily plan and order their lunches for a timely delivery every day.
1Company's administrator selects restaurants

2Employees choose their lunches for the next days

3Orders are automatically sent to restaurants

4Food delivery to your office at desired time

Happy, more productive employees = Happy company!

Using CLOUDMEAL is like having all of Tokyo's chefs and restaurants
at a touch of a button.

It is free for your company. No joining fees. No monthly costs. And barely no administrative resources required. All it takes is one person spending less than 5 minutes per week.

Order from your desk/tablet/phone

Make it easier to order your meal.

Gone are the days of lunch boxes from home, or running to the convenient store to get something quick, wasting time in lines. CLOUDMEAL offers healthy, tasty, ready-to-order food delivered to the office. Our service is flexible, affordable, easy and quick, and unlike our competitors it is fully automated.

With CLOUDMEAL you can order lunch occasionally or every day of the week. The choice is yours.
Change of mind? No Problem. Our system allows you to alter your order up till the day before delivery.

MEAL SUPPORT for companies
Meal support costs can be excluded from taxation. Our system calculates your support costs automatically, which saves your HR department a lot of time. At the end of each month we will send you all the data in CSV or Excel.


Maximum tax deductible amount is 3,500 yen per employee/month.

Can be supported up to half price/day

Midnight snack

Snack supply during overtime will make your employees happier!

Can be supported up to full price/day

How to use CLOUDMEAL

Delicious food coming from various restaurants. Italian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, European...


Create your company account and register users.

Decide your meal support (0 yen, 100 yen, 40%, 80%,..)

Generate your employees' ID and password


Employees access the order page

Choosing your dish for desired day

Order deadline is the day before delivery

Order is sent automatically at deadline


Lunch is delivered to your office.

Always on time delivery.

No need for large space in your office (30x30cm OK)

Lunch, midnight snack and catering


Monthly total report

Total calculations are made automatically

Easy payment-credit card/invoice


Don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

QWhat type of restaurant and food can we choose from?

AWe offer verious restaurants and foods. From traditional Japanese restaurants offering bento boxes to pizza, burgers, sushi, European cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican, Indian..

QLunch is in a plastic box or a big pot and plate like catering?

AOur food is delivered in plastic boxes.

QHow much is approximately one meal?

APrices start at 500 yen depending on each restaurant. Usually between 500-800 yen.

QHow to order?

ALog in with your ID and password, choose the restaurant you like and then your lunch. You can always cancel or change your mind up till the day before delivery!

QIs there any minimum order value or minimum number of orders?

AIn most cases there is no minimum order requirement.

QWhen is the order deadline?

AFood can be ordered up until a few hours before the delivery.

QThere is no space in our office, can we use the service?

ANo need for space larger than 30x30 cm!

QCan we use CLOUDMEAL to sponsor employees meals as a benefit?

AYes, meal subsidies as an employee benefit is becoming more and more popular and CLOUDMEAL can be customized around your particular idea. In addition, CLOUDMEAL has also been designed to automatically utilize tax subsidies for employee meals.

QCan we try your service first?

AOf course! Please, contact us.

QDo we need a specific employee working full time with CLOUDMEAL?

ANo, CLOUDMEAL is fully automated and while no administration is necessary for most customers it is also possible to assign your own administrator to enable manual changes to the system if preferable.

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