The complete corporate solution for food delivery.
CLOUDMEAL is the only platform in Japan that connects restaurants and food suppliers to companies through a single service.

No joining fees. No monthly costs.

And no administrative resources required.

We handle any corporate needs, such as specific food requests for your business, helping your employees to both eat better and save time. And our flexible payment system can be fully adapted to your needs.

• Order from any number of restaurants and get all orders summarized in a single monthly invoice

• Split costs between your departments automatically

• Full support for corporate credit cards

Easy. Affordable. Convenient. Flexible. Quick.
Through CLOUDMEAL you can manage any of your company’s food orders through a convenient interface, from daily lunch orders to catering for large events and high-end meals for visitors. Place, change or cancel your orders easily with minimum hassle.

Company's administrator selects restaurants


Employees choose their lunches for the next days


Orders are automatically sent to restaurants


Food delivery to your office at desired time

CLOUDMEAL offers many benefits

• Professional & timely delivery that will follow correct delivery procedures each time

• All orders are accepted up to one day in advance

• Clever labelling system; employees can easily find their meal with a simple tag

• Full support for desktops, tablets and smartphones

• Supports both Japanese and English

• High security; no need to install any software or to integrate with internal systems and no need for CLOUDMEAL to store or access any employee information

Do you know about the tax benefits for employee meals in Japan?
Lunch meal support costs can be excluded from taxation up to 3,500 yen per employee/month, and there is no limit on tax savings for overtime food. Our system calculates your support costs automatically and prepares the data necessary to fully utilize the tax savings program. Which means that your HR department can easily add another employee benefit at no extra cost through using CLOUDMEAL.


Maximum tax deductible amount is 3,500 yen per employee/month.

Can be supported up to half price/day

Overtime food

Provide overtime food for your hard working employees as a benefit.

Can be supported up to full price/day

How do I start using CLOUDMEAL?


Contact us for a proposal

Sign up on our contact form and let us know your needs and we will get back to you immediately with a proposal tailored to your needs.


Get your CLOUDMEAL account

Once we have created your account you can freely use the platform and invite any employees in your company to sign up as a user that can order from your selection of restaurants.


Let us know what else you need

Our account managers will frequently stay in touch and ensure that you are happy with the selection of restaurants and will continuously help you improve your CLOUDMEAL solution until it is a perfect fit for your business.


Payment in one place

Receive the invoice or payment request once a month with a complete report of the orders conducted through your account, helping you keep track of all food-related expenses in your company.

Unlike many other meal services, CLOUDMEAL has the great benefit of offering a vast variety of different cuisines to choose from every day. CLOUDMEAL.IO is fully automated and doesn’t require any administration from us with invoices or orders, as it is all taken care of by the system. Hence minimal administrative effort from our side.
For us it is important to keep our employees happy, and CLOUDMEAL helps us doing that.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiry regarding CLOUDMEAL.

QWhat type of food can we choose from?

AWe offer a choice from over 600 restaurants and food suppliers. From traditional Japanese restaurants offering bento boxes to sandwiches, catering, salads, sushi, European cuisine, ethnic food etc.

And if we currently do not have exactly what you are looking for, let us know and our team will find a suitable restaurant and connect them to your CLOUDMEAL account for you.

QHow much is approximately one meal?

AWe cover the complete range of budgets, from low-cost bento-boxes to high-end meals.

QIs your service more expensive than buying directly from the restaurants?

ANo, our prices are the same or even lower than those offered by the restaurants directly.

QIs there any minimum order value or minimum number of orders?

ACLOUDMEAL does not have a limit on individual orders, however we kindly ask for average order volumes of 5 meals or above to use the CLOUDMEAL service. For smaller orders you can also use our consumer delivery service, Maishoku (

QWe are currently using your Maishoku service, what is the difference between Maishoku and CLOUDMEAL?

ACLOUDMEAL is specifically built around the needs of the corporate user which means that it comes with many added benefits such as flexible payment & delivery options, larger choice of catering items, special discounts and easier order management.

If you are currently using Maishoku to order to your office we strongly recommend you to sign up for CLOUDMEAL instead as it is free and adds a lot extra value to your business.

QWhen is the order deadline?

AAll orders are accepted until a day in advance, but many of our suppliers also allow for changes up to a few hours before the delivery.

QOur building has strict security measures in place, can we still use CLOUDMEAL to deliver?

AYes, we use a professional delivery service that can get security clearance for your building, allowing for consistent deliveries every day. Simply contact us with your needs and we will setup a working delivery solution for you.

QCan we try your service first?

AOf course, please contact us and we can arrange for a trial delivery.

QDo we need to assign an employee to manage the CLOUDMEAL account?

ANo, CLOUDMEAL is fully automated and while no administration is necessary for most companies we also offer the possibility for you to assign your own administrator to enable manual changes to the system if preferable.

QWe are already using a bento company, can we continue to use them with CLOUDMEAL?

AYes, CLOUDMEAL is also a very helpful tool for restaurants and bento companies and most of them happily agree to join CLOUDMEAL when requested.

QWe would like to use CLOUDMEAL for a factory located in a remote area, is this possible?

AYes, as long as our team can locate a suitable supplier in your area they can quickly provide a solution, no matter the location of your facilities.

QCan you cater to specific dietary requests such as vegetarian or halal foods?

AYes, we have plenty of options we can recommend for your particular requirements.

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